Is Being Hacked—By the Government

Illustration for article titled Is Being Hacked—By the Government wasn't the Obama administration's finest moment. But ahead of a second enrolment period which kicks off November 15th, the team behind the website are making sure the same problems don't happen again—by hacking their own site.


The AP reports that weekly white-hat hacking sessions are being used to simulate real attacks and ensure that the the site remains secure. To complement that, daily security scans are being performed and serious cloud upgrades taking place to make sure the entire service is water-tight.

With any luck, that will mean that the site works a little better than it did last time. Not hard, given the list included a glitchy sign-up process, bad customer service, outages, privacy violations and security risks. [AP]


Bring Back Duckman!

Phew, I thought the NSA was doing it, but they've already did it to find "terrorists."