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Keeping your pulse rate in just the right zone while exercising just got a whole lot easier with this Heart Monitor Ring, sliding right onto that index finger and keeping your magic number handy. It has an ungodly range, from a near-dead 30 beats per minute all the way up to a hummingbird-like 250 beats per minute.


It's a little bulky for our taste, but for all it can do, at two inches in diameter it's surprisingly small. Besides continuously displaying your pulse rate, you can also program in your target heart rate zone, and time your exercise session with its 10-hour count-up timer.

We're just wondering how accurate this $39.98 device really is, especially considering that our Garmin Forerunner 305 requires a comparatively elaborate chest strap just as to measure pulse rate.


Product Page [Taylor Gifts, via Sci Fi Tech]

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