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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Help Build Hollywood's Science Fiction Museum

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From the folks who saved the Star Trek TNG Touring Bridge from destruction comes another bold project. They want to construct a gigantic, multi-floored science fiction-themed museum in Los Angeles, and we think that's a GREAT idea!

The non-profit company called the New Starship Foundation, has a great idea for a Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, and they're looking for funds on Kickstarter. Plus, it appears that they have a pretty good grasp on what—and how—they're going to accomplish with this massive undertaking. Check it out:


Here's a glimpse into what the "Hall of Robots" could look like (and what it will contain).

And of course there's going to be a Hall of REAL Robots, a Hall of Spaceships, and a Hall of Science Fiction Cars—plus plenty more franchise exhibits to explore along with a theater.


Design firm Retro Active is on board to help design the space, along with a ton of celebrity backers. Here's the dream development plan:

Phase One: 2014-2015 Develop and secure all aspects of the 2015 Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum, complete our Enterprise-D and Original Series Bridge sets

Phase Two: 2015 Testing, Preview and Grand Opening of the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum

Phase Three: 2015-2018 Continue to expand and improve museum; rotate exhibits, hold premieres, weddings and special events; prove that a sci-fi museum in Hollywood can be sustainable; continue to raise funds to develop the permanent 2018 museum

Phase Four: Tentatively 2018 Unveil our permanent Hollywood Science Fiction Museum

A science fiction museum in the heart of Hollywood could be pretty brilliant. You would have access to all different kinds of artists (both retired and currently working). More access to props from television series and movies that are still looking for homes, and possible lectures from creators and writers. The possibilities are endless. This could be a really, really good idea. So let's help it get off the ground!