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Henry Cavill's Superman goes without underpants, internet freaks out

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Where have Superman's famous red trunks gone? Henry Cavill was pictured on the set of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel without the traditional red bottoms of the Superman costume. The internet saw Commando Superman, and was not pleased.


Naturally a few folks were displeased by the disappearing trunks...

SigmaCenturion posted an entire editorial rant against the missing trunks at Comic Book Movie "

The main part of Superman's costume is a blue body suit. The trunks help to break up the blue and help unify his color scheme as well. Most of the time the trunks seem to be part of the body suit. The boots and cape separate from the main body suit. Without the trunks the only red on the body suit is found in the emblem or shield. When the trunks are gone the focus of the costume is pulled towards the blue body suit because the eye is drawn to larger objects defined by color... I think it is a big insult to older fans to change the costume after all this time. Nothing was wrong with the old suit. I hear reasons like its outdated and uncool or his costume doesn't make sense because it isn't armored. I don't think it needed changed at all.


On Newsarama the comments were fairly mixed, but there were plenty of pissed-off original Supes fans:

He needs the red trunks in the comics and the movie. Superman does not translate well to the real world. He never has. So to try to modernize him in the comics or to make a more realistic version of him in the movies is impossible. Not without completely changing his look and at that point he's no longer Superman.

Charlie Says:
He looks naked without the red. Why would they do that to the most iconic costume in all of comics? Bad move.

Comments seem to be waning from "it's fine" to "it's the worst." But what do you think?

[Via Superhero Hype.]