Hercules Hits 130.7mph On a Bicycle

Markus Stoeckl just broke the World Speed Record for series mountain bikes, hitting an incredible 130.7mph, on a freaking mountain bike, people!

Mr. Stoeckl is nicknamed "Hercules," not only because he drank the milk of a lion when he was younger, but also because he is 6'4", weighs 220lbs and travels at 130.7mph on a bicycle. Mr. Stoeckl devastated the previous record by a blistering 14.0mph. The super speed antics took place on a 2000m stretch at a 45 degree run in the Chilean Alps. To prevent his helmet from fogging up, Mr. Stoeckl had to hold his breath for the entire 40s it took to complete the distance. There is no video of this available as yet, but if you were at the Chilean Alps, with your camcorder and managed to get the blurry super-hero on camera, drop us a line. The guys at Wired asked a very interesting question; how the hell did he stop? Drop your suggestions below. [Wired]


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