Hercules Is Disney's Next Live-Action Remake, and Wait, the Russo Brothers Are Producing It?

He’ll be much more than an action figure this time around.
He’ll be much more than an action figure this time around.
Image: Disney

Its latest live-action take on a beloved animated classic may not have had the chance to come out yet, but Disney is already reportedly moving on to the next—and it’s recruiting some Marvel talent to do so.


The Hollywood Reporter has word that 1997's Hercules—the zero-to-hero story of the titular Greek legend as he discovers his connection to the gods of Olympus, and the heroic fame, fortune, and dangerous levels of James Woods that come with that—will be the next live-action remake Disney has planned from its vast back catalogue of animated hits. The current and latest of those releases, Mulan, has yet to actually hit theaters, of course, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic currently delaying its planned arrival back in March to an optimistic July 24 release.

According to THR however, there are already some very familiar and intriguing names behind the Hercules remake. Joe and Anthony Russo, the Marvel stars behind Avengers of the Infinity War and Endgame varieties (as well as two Captains America, The Winter Soldier and Civil War) are allegedly on board to not direct the movie, but produce it through their company AGBO. They’re also not the only Marvel-adjacent names attached: Expendables scribe Dave Callaham, who also penned the script for Destin Daniel Cretton’s upcoming Shang-Chi film for Marvel studios, is apparently on board to write.

What Callaham’s action background might say about Disney’s approach to this new Hercules is hard to say definitively just yet—perhaps, much like Mulan before it, the more musical-driven elements of the animated original could give way to the more literally epic action of the gods. We’ll have to wait and see.

We’ll bring you more on Disney’s plans for Hercules as we learn them.

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I don’t understand why they haven’t announced a live-action version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame yet. There’s a lot of great songs in there (with “Hellfire” being the best) and they can make it more like the book/musical. Although perhaps that’s why — since both the book and musical have a much, much darker ending than the animated film.