Here, Allegedly, Is the Windows 9 Notification Center In Action

This week, we saw leaked images of what was purported to be Windows 9, showing a new toolbar with search and a revamped Notification center on the system tray. Now, thanks to WinFuture, we get a video glimpse of how that Notification center might look in action.


Don't put too much stock in this early look. Even if it is legit (and there's no guarantee of that), there's plenty of time for things to change before Windows 9 hits the street. Though this fly-through does look very similar to the last peek we had. Rumor has it Windows 9 will debut on September 30th. Then we'll know for sure. [WinFuture via The Verge]



So how is Windows 9 actually going to be "better" than Win7? It's an OS. It needs to run programs and get out of the way. I just don't see any need and it's not even a slicker new interface, it's basically just Win7 with some small tweaks. What compelling tech is under the hood that is going to make Chrome, or Word/Excel/OO.o, Photoshop, etc run any better?