This Could Be a First Glimpse of Windows 9

We know that Windows 9 is on its way—Microsoft even accidentally teased it!—but now we might be, maybe, possibly be looking at what it could look like.


These images, leaked by German site Computer Base, show what seems to be the Windows Technical Preview, expected to announced later this month or early in October. In particular, the images show us more of what might happen to the Start Menu. Take a look at some of the twenty images, and you'll see a new search button alongside the Start button, and what appears to be a button for the rumored virtual desktops function. Indeed, in other images you can see the virtual desktop feature in action.

Elsewhere, there seem to be new icons for File Explorer, Desktop, and other elements—all flattening out the current UI a little—as well as a Notification Center that seems to be accessed from the system tray. All in, though, the changes seems relatively minor compared to what we may've been expecting, so we might expect to see jumps in functionality rather than style in this release.


Of course, there's no way we can tell for sure if this is real and, even if it is, there's time for everything to change. But if it's accurate, Windows might be about to get a bit more useful. [Computer Base via Verge]


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