Ever wondered what exact scene condescending Willy Wonka came from or what Buzz and Woody were talking about in that Toy Story everywhere meme? Wonder no more. Here are 10 original movie scenes that became memes thanks to the power of the Internet and the curious filtration system it uses to transform ordinary scenes into forever bits of culture stamped with words in Impact font.

  1. Downfall’s Hitler reacts
  2. Lord of the Rings’ One does not simply
  3. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’s Condescending Wonka
  4. Anchorman’s That escalated quickly
  5. 300's This is Sparta
  6. Vampire’s Kiss’ You don’t say
  7. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’s Conspiracy Keanu
  8. The Big Lebowski’s Am I the only one around here
  9. Toy Story 2's Everywhere
  10. The Matrix’s What if I told you

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