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Here Are King Arthur and His Knights Chilling on the Transformers 5 Set

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here’s what we know so far about Transformers: The Last Knight. It has King Arthur, Nazis, and Stonehenge. Oh, and presumably some giant transforming robots will make an appearance. That seems like a lot of things to have in one movie.

In a new featurette touting Michael Bay’s use of IMAX cameras in the making of his explosion-laden masterpieces, there was a fair bit of set footage from the fifth Transfomers. A lot of it had to do with King Arthur and his knights going into battle:


Which begs the question of what Transformers were around then. It had to be animals, right? I feel like the appearance of dinosaurs and CARS would have made it into the historical record somehow. Presumably the movie will answer that question.

The clip also includes Stonehenge, which is England’s number one weird mystical destination, so that’s bound to tie in with how Transformers and Arthurian legend are connected.


We also know, although there is no footage of it, that Nazis and Churchill show up in this movie, too. I feel like there’s a chance the history of England was driven by the secret presence of GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS and somehow, no one ever noticed.