Here is how dinner changed over the last 100 years

It’s not the most comprehensive look at the history of food but Mode’s video showcasing 100 years of dinner is really enjoyable to watch because it’s just pure fun to find out all the stuff, both delicious and horrific, that we used to put in our bodies. The video captures food trends pretty well—TV dinners, SPAM, fondue, ethnic cuisines, kale!—and makes you crave stuff you’ve forgotten about (sloppy joes) or just find disgustingly intriguing (creamed chipped beef).

We’ve come a long, long way from just the meat and potatoes of 1915. Even though it’s fun to laugh at our obsession with kale and quinoa today, it’s still so much tastier to be alive now than it was a 100 years ago.


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From the Great Depression Era, eh? Small wonder why servicemen called creamed chipped beef on toast Sh*t On a Shingle...