Here It Is, Caprica's Moment Of Zen, From Patton Oswalt

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Fan-turned-comedian Patton Oswalt is living the dream: He's joining the cast of Caprica as a Jon Stewart-esque late night host who puts Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) and his wife Amanda (Paula Malcomson) under the lens.

Oswalt is taking on the role of Baxter Sarno, a comic in the city of Caprica who also hosts his own, very popular talk show.


We read a few pages from the upcoming Caprica script scripts, which included Baxter taking a few pot shots at Daniel's expense:

Meanwhile, Daniel Graystone is becoming a laughing stock in the media. Baxter Sarno, a sort of Jon Stewart-type comedy talk show host, makes jokes in his monologue about how Graystone is changing the name of his autobiography from The Man Who Saw The Future to Oops, I Didn't See That Coming. Graystone decides to book himself onto the Baxter Sarno show ASAP, to try and save himself.


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