Here’s How to Raise $50,000 For Your Big Idea

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You know how we keep bugging all you would-be inventors to submit your brilliant ideas to the Nissan Innovation Garage (a.k.a., your chance to fund that brilliant idea you've been kicking around)? Well, it's that time again.

The Nissan Innovation Garage is inviting Edisons-in-training to share their best "everyday ideas" (that means it could be anything, from a rabbit-powered ice cream maker to a new kind of waterpump) with the world. Each idea submitted will be reviewed and voted on by a panel of bona fide engineers and experts from a variety of fields.

The two most innovative entrants will each receive a $50,000 grant (as well as a brand new 2013 Altima) to turn their concepts into full-blown reality. Plus, the two winning ideas will be released on Kickstarter, where they'll possibly score even more funding.


Additionally, just because the judges don't pick your idea, doesn't mean you can't still win. All submissions will be posted on the Nissan Innovation Garage site, where visitors can vote for their favorites. The idea with the most votes will win a new 2013 Altima.

The Nissan Innovation Garage is inspired by the legions of normal folks working to improve the world with their ingenuity — and by the totally reimagined fifth-generation Altima. With new features like NASA-inspired "zero-gravity" front seats and best-in-segment fuel economy, it's the most innovative Altima to date.

You only have until October 12 to bring your great idea to the Nissan Innovation Garage, so head here now to enter.