This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who understands cameras and megapixels and storage space but it could be a good excuse to not get suckered by the megapixel wars in buying a camera. The more pixels, the more space it takes. A thousand images taken on the 36 megapixeled Nikon D800 takes up 47 gigs. A thousand images on the reasonable 12 megapixel Nikon D3s? Only 15 gigs.

Duh. Three times the megapixels, three times the storage space. Makes total sense, don't it? But do we really need all those pixels? If you're taking vacation pictures that just get stored on your laptop? Probably not. If you bought a DSLR because you have a kid now and that's what people with kids do? Probably not. If you thought buying an 'spensive camera because you want better Instagram pictures? Probably not. Which means you're paying needless money on something that takes up needless space! So be wary the next time you get suckered into the peenwhipping measurement of megapixels, you're gonna have to pay for it in storage. [Scott Kelby via PetaPixel]


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