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Here's A Knockoff Bladeless Fan That's Priced Like a Dyson

Illustration for article titled Heres A Knockoff Bladeless Fan Thats Priced Like a Dyson

The imitation/knockoff market never ceases to amaze me. This bladeless fan from Abiko is a knockoff version of the Dyson Air Multiplier. But unlike typical cheap imitations, Abiko's version, at $223, is almost as expensive as the real thing.


The Abiko version was spotted at Comex 2010 and by all accounts, works just as well as the Dyson Air Multiplier. In fact, the Abiko bladeless fan even has the same buttons and turns and tilts the same way as the Dyson. Good job on Abiko for knowing how to copy (er, steal) product design, I guess.


One thing I don't get though: why the hell is it still so expensive? If I have enough money to buy a $223 knockoff fan, wouldn't I have enough money for the legit $300 Dyson? [Crave]

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I was at bed bath and beyond the other week and checked out the real thing (Dyson). It blows air and everything, but regular fans (which were right next to it) easily blew more air much harder/faster.