Here's a Maddeningly Short Video of the Purported Nexus 10 Tablet

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Google's Android event in NYC got canceled, the one where we were ever-so-probably sure there was going to be an announcement of the Nexus 10 tablet. Well, we have the next best thing, kind of. BriefMobile, source of previous leaks, released a video of the tablet. A brief one.

Really, the video doesn't give us much to go on other than what we already know. But to be fair, we already know a lot, and this is just another piece of evidence to confirm that all of that is probably right and this could be the real thing. What we can't confirm, is why anyone would think it was a brilliant idea to make a five second video of a hot, as-yet-to-be released product when they could have at least gone with seven, or maybe even an incredibly appropriate ten. [BriefMobile via SlashGear]


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Kyle Wagner

I really hope this isn't the design. I would love a stock Android 10-inch tablet, but from this view, the hardware looks hideous.