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Here's a Rare Photo of Donald Trump Using a Computer

Photo of Donald Trump “using” a computer as Kellyanne Conway looks on (Twitter)
Photo of Donald Trump “using” a computer as Kellyanne Conway looks on (Twitter)

Donald Trump is known for having never used a computer. Yes, he infamously writes his own tweets on his phone (and dictates them to lackeys before 7pm) but we have precious little evidence that he has actually sat down and used a desktop or laptop computer. Until now.


Kellyanne Conway, the advisor who talks to Trump through the television box, just gave us the best evidence to date that perhaps Donald Trump has moved the cursor on a laptop. Conway tweeted out the photo above, showing President-elect Trump looking at the screen of a MacBook. It’s like seeing a rare animal in the wild—a rare animal trying to figure out what all those buttons do.


Yes, we do have a photo of Trump from July looking perplexed in front of another Apple product. (Remember when Trump said he was going to boycott Apple products by the way?) But this time his hand is close enough that he could plausibly be “using” it. I’m not sure that the photo below would stand up in court as “use” of a computing machine, but it’s the best we’ve got for now.

Donald Trump in July 2016 before a Reddit Ask Me Anything session (Twitter)
Donald Trump in July 2016 before a Reddit Ask Me Anything session (Twitter)

What do you think? Does the photo that Conway just sent out convince you our Dear Leader has gained some computer knowledge?

If he is really using a computer, what do you suppose he’s looking at? All we know for sure is that it’s not the nuclear codes. He doesn’t get those until January 20th.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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BarbaroQue Horsemeat

I love all the memorabilia and magazines scattered everywhere (rather than, you know, policy documents and briefing books). And the inbox/outbox are completely empty.

It reminds me of my granddad’s office once he stopped really trying to sell new life insurance policies for the last several years of his career. Instead, he’d get ongoing royalties off old policies and use his time in the office to to chill, research/clip articles about his alma mater and own glory days in college football, and hang up various civic/professional awards on the walls. Whatever floated granddad’s boat, more power to him. But checked-out Granddad’s office might not be the best model for a Presidential transition...