Here's Exactly How Much Time You've Spent Binge Watching Your Fave Shows

We are, all of us, unrepentant, instant-gratification-obsessed binge TV-watchers. Fact. And while it somehow doesn't seem so bad to settle in for a weekend with the Underwoods or Bluths or the gang from TGS, seeing the actual breakdown of time it takes to watch popular series from start to finish is… Yiiiiikes.


Neilsen Top Ten have put us all in our place (on the sofa) with this straightforward take on the hours—DAYS!—we've spent sitting in front of a screen, following along with fictional storylines and favorite characters.

It's not like it comes as a surprise, necessarily, as it's easy enough to do a rough guesstimate, but somehow seeing the numbers added up is kind of nuts. And this doesn't even take into account re-views. I think I've honest-to-god dedicated a significant portion of my adult life to 30 Rock. That's on me. [@digg]

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