Writing in The Planetary Society, Jason Davis explains what happened during the test:

Unsurprisingly, [the] deployment tests revealed minor issues that engineers...have spent the past few weeks working to resolve. The deployment motor hesitated several times, not unlike the way it did during LightSail 1 testing. There was a glitch with the spacecraft’s onboard cameras, which capture staggered images during the sail deployment sequence. And additional refinements are still being applied to the spacecraft’s communications and attitude control systems.

A second round of system testing is planned at Cal Poly. This will pave the way for a full, day-in-the-life test as soon as March, when the spacecraft demonstrates its core mission functions one final time on the ground.


For the launch, LightSail-2 will be coupled with the Prox-1, a satellite designed to test formation flying, which is currently being built at Georgia Tech.

No firm date has been set for launch, as it’s dependent on when Falcon Heavy rocket will be ready.


[The Planetary Society]

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