Here's Our First Look at Kim Dotcom's Mega (Updating)

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Ahead of the official launch tomorrow, Kim Dotcom's Mega is live early for some members of the press. The landing page at now redirects to (in Safari) and shows an error to people using Chrome. Here's everything we know so far about the new Megaupload.


First of all, Mega is not finished—according to TechCrunch's story, the launched site will include a roadmap for what's ahead. It includes some ambitious clues including an SDK with fully documented API, collaboration features like user-to-user messaging.

What we do know: The service is basically a Dropbox clone that will offer 50GB of storage for free and then three tiers of service Pro 1 for €10 (500GB of storage), Pro 2 for €20(2TB of storage), and Pro 3 €30 (500GB of storage).

It's still to early to pass any kind of judgement on the available information, but we're still looking for a feature that we couldn't get somewhere else. Did Dotcom use his mastery of hype to inflate the image of boring service? We have trouble believing it.

There is a Mega launch event tomorrow, January 19th in the North America and Europe, which will be Sunday January 20th in New Zealand where Dotcom lives. We'll update when we know more. [TechCrunch]



I really have an unnatural hate for this man. From the his shitty his ugly face. I hate him. Thanks for the 50 gigs, though.