Here's the 7-Inch TouchPad You'll Never Be Able to Buy

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We'd heard about it half a year ago, and now here it is in the grainy, blurry flesh: HP's 7-inch WebOS tablet that was dead before it ever left the front door. Luckily, it looks pretty mediocre!

The codenamed "Opal" TouchPad, beyond being something of a gadget James Dean, doesn't have a whole lot going for it. A 7-inch screen is terrible, made worse by the fact that it's an awkward 4:3 aspect ratio. This Is My Next, which found these Chinese spy shots, says they spot an NFC module, but really, would that make any difference? The TouchPad was just so-so as a reasonably-sized tablet (before the fire sale bonanza)—slashing off inches wouldn't have helped HP do anything but collect more shelf dust. [ZooPDA via This Is My Next]

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Is the tablet 7 inches or the screen? If the tablet is 7 inches, the screen is something like 5.3 inches.

And, from the sounds of it this would have been about $50 cheaper than the larger version.