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Here's The Easiest Way To Move Furniture Into A 12th Floor Apartment

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In South Korea, moving companies rely on what looks like a pretty ingenious technique for moving furniture into high-rise apartments.

YouTuber Travel With Jerry shot this video while visiting his sister's apartment in Korea. To be fair (much as we'd all love to believe that Seoul is the cyberpunk city of the future), South Koreans aren't the only people who rely on this method for transporting furniture. According to the video's comments, it's also common in Belgium and Germany, and this Japanese moving company uses a similar rig (it makes an appearance around the 3:10 mark, but you should probably just watch the whole thing):

Still, I can't say I've ever seen anything like this employed in the U.S. (Maybe it's a safety issue? You'll notice the movers in the video up top didn't use any tie-downs or rope to secure the furniture to the moving platform, which seems like a pretty terrible idea.) That's not to say Americans lack ingenuity when it comes to streamlining high-rise moving scenarios:

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