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Here's the Tiny USB-C Card Reader Your 12-Inch MacBook Desperately Needs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the less publicized themes of CES 2016 appears to be ‘ways to fix the 12-inch MacBook’. Not only does it come with just a single USB-C port, there’s also no memory card slot. So if you’re a photographer constantly transferring shots, you’ll want Satechi’s tiny new USB-C card reader always close at hand.


Available in silver, space grey, and gold finishes to match your 12-inch MacBook, Satechi’s $20 Type-C Card Reader will be available sometime this month, and allows any device with a USB-C port—be it a 12-inch MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, or tablet—to access both its SD and microSD card slots at the same time.

It’s cheap and simple, and exactly what it needs to be until Apple finds a way to squeeze an SD card slot into future versions of the 12-inch MacBook.