Here's What Happens When a Roomba Mates With An Air Purifier

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Moneual took a page from the book of iRobot and created an air purifier that motors around your house, doing its dirty work while you are away.


The sensor-filled Rydis H800 purifier will traverse your room, cleaning when it finds a pocket of polluted air. And it's a monster cleaner with a five different filters and a navigation system that'll make sure it hits every nook and cranny. The self-sufficient Rydis H800 even knows to return to its base station to charge when its battery gets too low.


Sadly, it wont cook your meals, do your dishes or massage your feet. You'll have to travel to South Korea if you want that type of robotic indulgence. [Kitchen Design Guide]

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Jordaan Mylonas

if you're going to make an object that moves itself, make it longer and wider than it is tall. That's just common sense.