Here's What Microsoft's Next Big Phones Might Look Like

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Windows Phone enthusiasts have been waiting years — in mobile phone time, decades — for the launch of a new flagship device that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhones and Galaxies of the world. Well, thanks to the @evleaks Twitter account, we’ve got a good look at the two new Lumias Microsoft is supposedly announcing in October, and things are looking fan-freaking-tastic.

According to the press renders published by Evleaks (aka Evan Blass), there are going to be two top-end Lumias: a 5.7-inch device (codenamed ‘Cityman’, to be known as the Lumia 950XL) and a 5.2-inch (‘Talkman’). Both with have 2560x1440 OLED displays, with the 5.7 packing a Snapdragon 810 processor, while the 5.2-inch will have a (slightly slower) Snapdragon 808.


Apart from that, the leaked specs lists for both devices are nearly identical, and both look top-notch: 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with a microSD for further expansion, Qi wireless charging, USB-C, and an infrared iris scanner for Windows 10’s facial recognition features.

Under Nokia, the Lumia brand was best known for its cameras, and that seems to be continuing: 20MP sensors on the back of both devices, with a 5MP camera on the front. Even better, the pronounced camera bumps on both phones hint at big sensors and wide lenses, both of which point to a fairly great camera.

The design is also classic Lumia: colourful polycarbonate shell with rounded corners. Chances are, if you liked the design and feel of previous Lumias (which always felt surpsisingly premium for a non-metal phone), the new version will make your hands happy. If you were hoping for a Surface-inspired design now that Microsoft’s taken over, less luck.

Sure, this might be a leak, but I’m still excited: Evleaks has a long history of reliable leaks, not to mention that these press renders match up well with other leaks of the same devices. There’s still a lot of questions — not least, how Windows 10 will work on these handsets — but from the looks of things, Microsoft might have just made Windows Phone interesting again.


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