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Here's What Our Boss Thinks About Our Commenters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

South by Southwest is very precious. But it's also genuinely a good place to learn about the future—especially for readers of this site. Today, our publisher Nick Denton sat down with Anil Dash to talk about comments.

What does the future hold for commenting on Gawker Media sites like this one? What's fractional commenting? Why can some commenters be so mean? Where did it all go wrong? Just what the hell is wrong with you people anyway? (I kid!)


There's no video up of the talk. (At least not that I've found. Did you shoot some? Hit me.) But here's how it played out on Twitter—which is to say as narrated by the Internet's most meta-commenting system. And of course the big question is: How do you feel about all this? Let us know in the comments. Word? Word.