Here's Who the Flash and Supergirl Will Be Battling in Their TV Crossover

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New set pictures from Supergirl’s highly anticipated crossover episode with The Flash reveal that Barry will end up helping Kara fight not one but two villains: Livewire (who Kara has tussled with before) as well as the new-to-the-show Silver Banshee. Check them out, getting ready to kick superhero butt!

I mean, just look at these new pictures from the set of Supergirl are great. Here’s the first look at Silver Banshee (Italia Ricci) and Livewire (Brit Morgan) in the episode, due to broadcast at the end of March:


This is actually our first good look at Ricci as Silver Banshee, after she made her debut as Banshee’s alter-ego Siobhan Smythe in last night’s episode. The costume’s a little different, but otherwise it’s faithful to the comic books!

But we’ve also got an amazing look at the sheer supernova of cheerful glee that is Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin goofing around together in costume. Seriously, this crossover episode might be one of the most delightful superhero team-ups in comic book TV history.


Look at them high-fiving. Oh my god, they’re Super Friends.


So much smiling. So much red leather costuming. After all this time demanding two of superhero TV’s happiest heroes meet, it’s almost painful that it’s still a month away from happening. At least it is actually happening though, after all that talk about how this would never get done.

“Worlds Finest” will air on CBS March 28th. You’ll have to contain your excitement until then.