Why David Fincher might be the best director in Hollywood today

David Fincher is one of the best directors in Hollywood and if you disagree, you need new eyeballs. Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting shows how it's not what Fincher does in his movies that make him special, but what he doesn't do. Fincher's talent and skills are incredible but it's his restraint that sets him apart.


Every Frame a Painting reveals how Fincher doesn't like using handheld cameras or unnecessary close ups or unmotivated camera moves and yet still manages to create beautiful visual films, even when it's just two people talking in a scene. It's a wonderful dive in the craft of one of the best directors today. I guess this means I have to go watch Gone Girl now.

You can see more deeply interesting takes on movies and filmmaking here. And support Every Frame a Painting here.

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Se7en is a masterpiece. No ifs and or buts.