Herman Miller C2 Climate Control for the Cubicle

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This week, San Francisco is entering another one of those "heatwaves" as the newspaper calls them. That's 75 degrees, for those of you uninitiated to the reality of Bay Area micro climates. Which makes me think of this mini electric climate controller from the Herman Miller Be Collection.

It can sit on a desk and blow cool or hot air at a person, at 90% more efficiency than a space heater. It's all done by electrics, and the unit has a high quality filter built in.

I can't see this being very powerful or effective for cooling a full human, but you know when your pants get really sticky and hot and sweaty in the Summertime? Yea.


c2 [Herman Miller via i4u]

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Houston? HEAT? HA!

Don't even start with that crap. Yeah, it's humid, and I'll be the first to tell you that humidity sucks, I've been to Austin and Orlando in the dead of summer. But it's still 10-20 degrees cooler there than it is here in Yuma, AZ, and the humidity doesn't make up the difference. When the heat index/'feels like' temperature gets above 150, or the air temp gets above 120, then I might actually listen.

I wish I could get my OFFICE down to 75.