A Hertz at the Nice Cote d'Azur Airport in France will begin using RFID to start up and check out cars, rather than keys. A group of 60 frequent Hertz customers will be guinae pigs in this test to see if using RFID-enabled cards for vehicles will speed the rental process. There are 10 Renault Megane cars equipped with the RFID technology.

The users will no longer have to deal with customer service agents. They will go up to a display board, find the location of their car and simply go get it. When their RFID card is close to the display screen it will configure the card to be linked to the specific car. Sounds like a pretty damn cool system, but the question remains: how secure is it? Having your rental hacked and stolen in a red light district in France could be disastrous ... maybe.


Hertz Trial Uses RFID Cards Instead of Keys [RFID Journal]

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