Hey Google, Why Can't Motorola Put Out a Jelly Bean Phone When You OWN MOTOROLA?

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As Motorola introduced its new handsets today—including the Droid RAZR HD—it crowed about how tightly integrated it was with Android. Which makes sense! Because Google owns both Android and Motorola. Synergy is a beautiful thing!

So why does the Droid RAZR HD launch with a year-old operating system when a new one came out months ago? Don't tell me it's some dumb skin you want to slap on there. Whatever skin you come up with will be worse than raw Jelly Bean and you know it. THE COMPANY THAT OWNS YOU KNOWS IT, TOO.


This is Android's biggest problem and developers' biggest problem and consumers' biggest problem and something we keep saying but thought would be fixed by now but it's not so ugh nothing ever changes blah. Yes, the Droid RAZR HD should be getting a Jelly Bean update "by the end of the year." But that's not now, it's not guaranteed, and it's no excuse.

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Maybe a better question is why didn't Motorola, and just about every other handset maker, push the most recent OS's on their handsets to begin with? Owned by Google or not, there's not much excuse to offer newer devices with last gen's operating systems.