Hi-Def Video of Earth From Space Is So Beautiful You'll Want to Punch Yourself in the Face

Earlier this year, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams captured ultra high definition video of our pale blue dot from the vantage point of the International Space Station. It’s easily the most uplifting thing you’re going to see all day.


In this newly released video, Williams talks about what it’s like to gaze upon the Earth when in space, and why it’s important to share this unique perspective with others.

It’s been said many times that a person’s perspective on life, the universe, and everything changes after seeing our planet floating in space. Watching this video, it’s easy to understand why.

Because NASA is awesome, it has made these video files available for download, which you can access here.

George is a senior staff reporter at Gizmodo.


Albert Kunteko

Because NASA is awesome

Sorry, NASA is not awesome. Their PR machine is actually an abomination unto science. Making video files available to the taxpayers who paid for them is not heroic. Let’s enjoy the planet without making it sound like NASA is anything but a group of dirty pigs that scientists must lie with if they want funding for their work.