Hide Your Fancy Car Stereo Behind a Very Crappy Car Stereo

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So you got yourself a fancy new stereo for your car. It's all well and good while you're driving, but when you're out of the car you know damn well that it's a magnet for ne'er-do-wells who are just itching to take a crowbar to your window and forcibly remove your fancy apparatus from your dash. What to do? Simple: disguise it with a really crappy looking stereo faceplate, complete with a half a cassette sticking out.

Over at Instructables they have detailed instructions on just how to do this. It works best if you have the original, crappy stereo that came with your car handy, but it'll work with other models if you measure properly. Just get yourself a bunch of epoxy, some Velcro, an ironic cassette and a few hours of your time and you'll be good to go. Unless someone with a fetish for old cassette decks walks by your car, that is, but that's probably a risk you're willing to take. [Instructables]

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Michael Scrip

Soon, there won't be any aftermarket stereos, since all new cars have non-removable stereos built into the car.

Honda Accord Stereo: