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High Tech Smartwool Socks for Your Barking Dogs

Illustration for article titled High Tech Smartwool Socks for Your Barking Dogs

Winter sports are a lot of fun, but if you don't have the right clothing, it can be utterly miserable. SmartWool literally has your feet covered with its new PhD socks.


Smartwool in a lot of R&D work to make sure the fit and the material are the most comfortable and the best fit to support and protect your precious feet. In fact, they're working on patenting their sock tech. I wear Smartwool when I snowboard—these socks are a godsend becauseI quit functioning on the mountain when my feet get cold. These coats for your feet are great because they keep your feet warm and dry without being too bulky. Anyway, the latest round of PhD socks went on sale last week. They come in various styles and for a variety of activities from running to skiing. They cost between $15 and $25 a pair. Your feet will thank you after slipping these on. [Smartwool]

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"becauseI" —> 'because I'

"a par" —> 'a pair'

"tour feet" —> 'your feet'

"Smartwool in" —> 'Smartwool put in'

#corrections #wtf