Highly Hackable TI Watch Used To Wirelessly Unlock Doors

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Often when I reach for the keys in my pocket, I wonder why the hell we still use them. This dude is ahead of the curve though—he can open his doors by simply tapping his TI eZ430-Chronos watch.

The watch itself features integrated pressure and temperature sensors, a 3-axis accelerometer and 128-bit AES encrypted wireless. In this demo, the watch syncs with the receiver box mounted on the deadbolt. A sequence is tapped on the face of the watch—activating a servo inside the box that opens the door. Personally, I would prefer to open the door with my cellphone, but this looks to be a relatively secure and inexpensive solution comparably. If you want to try something like this yourself, the watch should be restocked on the Texas Instruments website soon. [Hack a Day via Slashgear]