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Hijab-Wearing Lady Draws Herself As Different Marvel Superheroes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nour Saleh wears a hijab, so when she recently took up a Tumblr challenge to draw herself as different fictional characters, she incorporated a headscarf into various superhero designs—often with very clever results.

These aren't the only characters that Saleh has reinvented for the Draw Yourself Challenge, during which she has been drawing herself as characters requested by her Tumblr followers. For more Marvel, she has drawn herself as Spider-Man (with a long skirt over the skin-tight spandex)—and she has also done Wonder Woman and Katniss Everdeen (with a braided hijab!). Saleh explains that, in addition to the hijab, she prefers to wear loose-fitting clothing that goes past the butt, and that is reflected in her superhero self-portraits. For some of the characters—like Thor and Loki—the hijab is a relatively subtle addition. But for Captain America, the flag-printed hijab becomes a streaming banner for the red, white, and blue. The design of Tony Stark's arc reactor is repeated as a pin for the Iron Man hijab, and Black Widow's orange hijab is just perfect.


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