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Amigos de Gizmodo, here's a must-have gadget for any tourists wanting to cause a lasting sensation in Spanish-speaking countries: a keychain that emits useful expressions that will open doors everywhere you go.

With the Palabra Graciosa (Gracious Word) keyring, you will not need to learn Spanish. Capable of saying "Hijo de Puta", "Comemierda", "Cabrón" and "Maricón" at the push of a button, this will work to start conversations, call friends, order a beer, express your love, and even defend yourself in any civil debate. I know, because I'm from Spain and three out of every four words I say are in that list.


As a bonus, for a way to learn the multiple uses of the expression "Hijo de Puta", check this video, which is also a homage to our beloved Mr. T.

Yes, I know, I need a vacation. [Prankplace via BBGadgets]


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