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Human focus group Hillary Clinton finally weighed in on Apple’s legal dispute with the FBI. Of course, since this case perfectly divides public opinion, Hillary managed to take a hard, presidential stand behind absolutely no one.


Speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Clinton said “There has got to be some way to avoid breaking data encryption and opening the door to a lot of bad actors. But there has to be some way to follow up on criminal activity and prevent crimes and terrorism.”


This, of course, is not the first time Clinton has offered her opinion on matters of encryption. She has previously called for a “Manhattan-like project” to tackle the problem of encryption, although she admits “I don’t know enough about the technology to say what it is.”

Clinton’s opinion is basically unchanged for the Apple FBI dispute. She said “I am someone who is just feeling like I am in the middle of the worst dilemma ever”—probably true, since registered voters are split 51-49 on whether Apple should unlock the iPhone or not. Easier then to stick to meaningless platitudes and not alienate voters.

Hillary kept her only true statement for last: “It’s a problem we’ve got to come up with some way to solve. And I am not expert in any way to tell you how to do it.”



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