His Royal Steveness a Late Entry for 2007's Best-Dressed Lists

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Dear Steve, I knew you could do it— get away from that zen-inspired "one single look means one minute in the closet" sartorial philosophy. But a shirt and tie? Oh, my son, you look positively ravishing. Look how the silver tie brings out the distinguished saltiness of your hair, puts a ruddy fairness in your cheeks, enfin, makes you look hawwt (continues in this vein for several minutes until colleagues administer a slap around the face). So, who was lucky enough to see Steve rock the "I'm a PC, but admit it, a really gorgeous one" look?


Jobso (or Jobs , since he's in Vikingingland at the moment) was in Norway to watch Al Gore pick up his Nobel Peace Prize. While he was there, he also hooked up with the boss of Telenor, yes, that is a Norwegian telecoms company, to discuss a potential iPhone launch in the Scandinavian country (the other candidate for Norway's iPhone gig being Netcom). Talks have been postponed until after Christmas, as Apple is currently more interested in the iPhone's sales in Britain, France and Germany.

And finally, according to a Telenor spokesman, "Apple might be deciding on which unit to launch." I think they mean 3G, or not 3G, that is the question. [VG]


I was just impressed that he combed his hair.

(Still looking HOT Steve, messy hair or no....)