Hitachi-LG Readies World's First 4X Blu-ray Burner

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Still haven't picked a side in the high definition disc war yet? Perhaps being able to burn a Blu-ray disc at 4X will help decide your allegiance? If so, keep your eyes on Hitachi-LG, since they just announced to availability of a Blu-ray burner that will burn discs at a speedy 4X, rather than the usual, dorky 2X. The burner, GBW-H10N, doesn't support dual-layer discs, nor does it burn rewriteable discs at 4X—that happens at 2X. Still, you can't knock LG-Hitachi for trying. Besides, how many times in the near future do you think you're actually going to burn and reburn 25GBs of data?


The drive reads BD-ROMs and can read/write your favorite vanilla DVD formats, even the somewhat obscure DVD-RAM.

The GBW-H10N is due to ship this month but Hitachi-LG hasn't released a price just yet. Hmm, 4X Blu-ray burner? Can't be more than $100 or $200, if that.

Hitachi-LG preps world's first 4x Blu-ray burner [The Register]

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