There's a hole in the copyright protection for Blu-ray and HD DVD movies that you could drive a truck through. The funny thing is, it's an alarmingly easy and obvious hack: Print Screen. Sure, you'd have to hit Print Screen and save each one for days to capture the thousands of frames that make up one HD movie, but it's no big deal to automate this process and then stack the frames up, and there you have it—a near-perfect pixel-for-pixel copy of the Luddite movie studios' buried treasure.

According to German computer magazine CT, Toshiba acknowledged the vulnerability and vowed that it would be plugged up with the next release of DVD player software. But still. We can only laugh when we recall the interminable demos where smug Blu-ray and HD DVD hucksters blathered on about how it was impossible to hack their invulnerable copy protection. You can't lock down eyeballs. Information wants to be free, and this is just the first crack in those walls of Jericho, soon to be tumbling down.


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