HIV/AIDS Patients to Be Tagged with RFID Chips

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In the ultimate Nazi-inspired exercise of destruction of the most basic human rights, Indonesian politicians are planning to tag all HIV/AIDS patients with radio frequency identification chips. Their objective is to monitor people who had shown "actively sexual behavior". John Manangsang-one of the the Indonesian Himmler-wannabes proposing the law-has no qualms in explaining it:

It's a simple technology. A signal from the microchip will track their movements and this will be received by monitoring authorities.

Then, he says they plan to punish any HIV/AIDS patient who had infected a healthy person. For some reason, this joke of a human being thinks that using RFID technology to reduce people to cattle is the best way to stop the rampant HIV/AIDS spread in his province-which is 20 times the national average in Indonesia. Because, like everyone knows, punishing an ill person is always a better method to stop an infectious disease than actually attacking the source of the problem which, according to the usual international health watchers, is the poor education about AIDS and the lack of condoms in the province, coupled with ritual swinging in Papua tribes. I wonder if his plan B is just putting them in camps or shoot them straight away. [Reuters]

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Why don't they just start passing out the damn vaccine?