Holide HX-2142: World's Smallest DV? Perhaps World's Crappiest, Too

This is probably just a piece of junk, but at least it's small—the Holide HX-2142 digital video recorder and camera is called "the smallest DV in the world." No dimensions are given, but judging from the size of its USB plug, this is truly tiny and thin camcorder that's down to spycam size.

There's just 2MB of onboard memory, but it has an SD/MMC flash memory slot, so conceivably you could record quite a bit of 12fps video at 640x480. The specs say a 64MB SD card can hold 20 minutes of its video. But hey, it's the world's smallest DV! No word on what "DV" stands for in this instance.


Don't expect broadcast quality, but this might be able to give you video as good as most cellphones are capable of delivering. Yuck. No pricing or availability were forthcoming, but if it costs more than $30, this must be some kind of joke.

Product Page [Holide Industry, via Red Ferret]

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