3D movies have been around for a while, and now the bigwigs in Hollywood are toying with the idea of going all 3D in the future. According to Regal Entertainment's CEO, audiences are willing to pay premium ticket prices if the movies they see are in 3D.

DreamWorks Animation SKG has already jumped on the trend, saying that by 2009 all of their films will be in 3D. Granted, most theaters will have to switch to systems that support 3D technology, but if it means people paying more cash, Hollywood figures, why not. If the plan goes through...


movies would debut in 3D, and 2D versions would be available in DVD format. Personally, I'd probably stop going to theaters if that were to happen (not that I go much now). Rather than raise ticket prices for these lame movies, they should find out ways to lower prices. Or at least make better movies.

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