Holy Crap, A Woman Almost Got Run Over By a Train Because She Was Trying to Pick Up Her Phone from the Tracks

Holy freaking smokes, almost getting hit by a train doesn't get closer than this. A young woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil had apparently dropped her phone onto the metro tracks and foolishly jumped down to retrieve it. Couple of problems with this situation: she couldn't get back on the platform, the train was coming into the station fast AND SHE PROBABLY WOULD"VE DIED. Miraculously, two guys managed to pull her out right before she would've gotten hit. It's terrifyingly close.


You can see in the video that she barely escapes getting hit. It's so so so close. Half a second later and she would've lost her legs, a second later and she would've lost a lot more than that. As much as it sucks to lose your phone, it just isn't worth it to jump onto the tracks and risk your life for some shiny piece of rectangle that sends text messages. I wish more train stations had glass walls separating the tracks and the platform so that nobody could ever get foolish enough to make that jump. DON'T DO THIS PEOPLE. [R7 Noticias via Neatorama]



I actually jumped onto the tracks at Penn station in NJ once because I had dropped my ipad - however I also knew that there wasn't a train due for 10 minutes and, lets be honest, NJ Transit is never on friggin time anyway. I had the thing back in my grubby little mits and was back on the platform before the train was even in view.

In retrospect, still a pretty dumbass thing to do.