Holy Crap: MacGyver Blockbuster Film Coming!

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Today at Maker Faire 2008, MacGyver creator (and real life inspiration) Lee David Zlotoff announced he has a big budget MacGyver movie in the planning stages.


Zlotoff mentioned he somehow ended up with the movie rights years ago (extremely uncommon), giving him full control over the film. While few specifics were mentioned, and no formal announcement has been made, its extremely promising that the man with the power to make the film is getting the ball rolling. The question is...do you bring back Richard Dean Anderson as old MacGyver, or bring in a younger, Christian Bale-type to reprise the role of makeshift gadget god? [Maker Faire on Giz]

UPDATE: We asked Zlotoff if a Swiss Army Knife is still good enough for MacGyver today, check out his answer here.



Yeah, Richard Dean Anderson. FTW.

If they do replace him they can't get him from a casting agent. The actor needs to be made from orange Peels, petroleum Jelly, 3 Advils, an old Chevy engine and a pair of binoculars by Richard Dean Anderson.