A Wakandan Princess, the Dude, a Big Satisfying Pooh, and More of the Most Wallet-Draining Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of all the lovely toys and merchandise we’ve spotted on the internet recently. This week, Shuri gets the incredible action figure she deserves, Christopher Robin’s take on Winnie the Pooh gets an adorable toy, and the Dude almost certainly abides. Check it out!

The Retooled MacGyver Reboot Adds a Sense of Humor to All the Gadgets and Explosions

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the MacGyver reboot. We already saw one trailer back in May, which has since been scrapped along with the original pilot. James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring)—a show producer who originally planned to helm the pilot, then stepped away—was hastily brought back for damage control.

More Details on Why the Vulture Is Spider-Man: Homecoming's Big Villain

Michael Fassbender promises scares for Alien: Covenant. Agent Coulson’s robo-hand is getting some upgrades on Agents of SHIELD. Echo Kellum says he’ll be suiting up in Arrow season five. Plus, more details on the plans for the CW’s big DC show crossover event, and new looks at Wonder Woman and MacGyver. Spoilers Now!

It's Time for Even More Speculation About Negan's Kill on The Walking Dead

Josh Brolin hypes up the story of Infinity War. David Ayer talks about Suicide Squad’s take on Harley Quinn. Matt Damon ponders his Jason Bourne future. Sony’s chairman talks about the meaning behind Spider-Man: Homecoming’s title. Plus, new stills from the return of Fear the Walking Dead and a new look at MacGyver.…