This PopSocket Will Help You MacGyver Your Way Out of a Pickle

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Image: PopSockets

In a brand synergy no one saw coming, PopSockets is embracing the “tacticool” trend (military-themed gear the armed forces would never actually use) with a new SOG multi-tool PopGrip that finally adds some legitimate functionality to your mostly useless smartphone.


PopSockets’ new PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool Black turns your phone into an actually useful tool. Besides preventing your smartphone from succumbing to the effects of sweaty hands and the relentless pull of gravity, there’s a detachable multi-tool on there too that promises to help you MacGyver your way out of any emergency.

The tiny stainless steel pop-out tool, which could be easily mistaken for a military-grade bread bag clip, can be used as a miniature pry bar with little to no leverage, as a bottle opener, or as a screwdriver when paired with a 4mm or quarter-inch hex bit driver which, like all of us, your pockets are probably perpetually filled with.

You can grab the PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool Black on the PopSockets website for $25, but it’s probably a good idea to just stay in bed under the covers until it arrives and you’re finally properly equipped to deal with any emergency life could possibly throw at you.


Never seen a backhanded product announcement article before.