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The MacGyver Reboot Really, Really Hopes the Original MacGyver Might Stop By

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Getting the MacGyver reboot off the ground hasn’t been without its challenges—just last month, James Wan (The Conjuring, Furious 7) was tasked with reshooting the entire first episode. The new new MacGyver is apparently off and running, however, and the show’s Comic-Con panel was all high-energy good vibes.

Wan was joined by stars Lucas Till (whose hair has been tidied from what we saw in the first, now-obsolete trailer—though it’s still nowhere near MacGyver’s iconic mullet), George Eads (as Mac’s right-hand man), and producer Peter Lenkov.


The show literally started shooting last week, so there wasn’t much to offer in the way of visual accompaniment, other than a scene that sees the crafty, making-bombs-out-of-duct-tape hero climb aboard a plane about to take off and snap just the right wire to make the pilots decide to turn around and land. (His fear of heights, a holdover from the original series, is still very much intact.)

The panel danced around the question of whether or not this revamped version of the MacGyver character would be as anti-gun as the original, though they did say “he’s a positive character and we want to keep that spirit,” as well as being a different kind of action star than Jason Bourne or James Bond.


The biggest news from a show that’s barely got anything in the can yet was that they’re trying to get Richard Dean Anderson, the original MacGyver, to appear on the show. (“We’re reaching out to him, and hoping it happens,” Lenkov said.) Wan also expressed a personal desire to see MacGyver’s nemesis, Murdoch (originally played by Michael Des Barres), return in some form or another.