Holy crap, someone turned Groot into a Swing!

Illustration for article titled Holy crap, someone turned Groot into a Swing!

Wow. Which ever Guardians of the Galaxy-loving kid had parents as creative as this is pretty damn lucky.


The life sized statue of Groot, complete with built in leafy swing is apparently from an upcoming Reality TV show called Super Fans, Super Builds - at least according to director James Gunn, who originally shared the image on Instagram (although the post seems to have since been deleted). It's kind of amazing that even though GOTG is still a relatively recent movie - after all it's what, 3 and a half months since it released? - its characters have captured the hearts and minds of people all over in such a way that they create beautiful homages like this. Not bad for a movie that most people thought would flop due to its obscurity, right?

[Yahoo UK]

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I don't know how anyone thought that GotG was a risky venture. It stars a freaking gun toting, wise cracking raccoon and his mostly non-verbal Ent buddy.

Its like you took every toyetic idea in the last 40 years of blockbusters, rolled them up into a buddy cop pairing with an edge, and executed the hell out of it.

Now Ant-Man on the other hand...